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Sunshine Sanctuary is more than a hotel. It is a destination. We hope that a stay at Sunshine Sanctuary will offer lasting memories. We endeavor to change the way our guests feel, think and imagine their journey. It is a sanctuary of the soul; A place to experience freedom of thought and expression.

This quiet treasure nestled in the heart of the jungle offers a private entrance to each of the rooms, plenty of parking with nighttime security and ocean views overlooking pristine paradise. This sanctuary is located as close to the Montezuma waterfalls as one can stay, a leisurely 10-minute walk, which is reached by a private path. Along the way you will likely encounter howler and white-faced monkeys, toucans, and a rainbow of other birds, pizotes, a myriad of butterflies and the wonder of local flora.




Sunshine Sanctuary is a haven for community, movement, creativity, art and music. In collaboration with local and international community we endeavor to share the magic of Montezuma's jungle, sea and waterfalls with guests who seek a beautiful, relaxing and inspired experience.

We endeavor to change the way our guests feel, think and imagine their journey. It is a sanctuary of the soul; Sunshine Sanctuary offers a retreat for playful exploration, serene reflection, and undoubtedly magic. The six rooms are each a unique celebration of art and creative spirit. The bridge offers the possibility of passage from one state of being to another. It welcomes guests into an oasis in the jungle.

Sunshine Sanctuary is perfectly set up to host groups up to 18 participants. The privacy of the space, open-air yoga shala, community kitchen, comfort and location make it a perfect spot of host retreats. Anastacia Dadashpour, the owner is happy to help in organizing retreats and can support with local logistics. She has been an event planner for years and wants to support those who choose to use the space for creativity, healing and expression. 



Have a larger group that is looking for a more exclusive getaway? Sunshine Sanctuary is perfect for groups or families that are looking to rent out their own pocket of paradise to enjoy for themselves. Between our 6 rooms, the hotel can accommodate parties of up to 18. This boutique lodge offers plenty of space to enjoy moments together as well as the privacy to unwind into moments of solitude. The pool offers unlimited fun and the large kitchen provides the opportunity to make meals together. There is plenty of parking and the trail to the waterfall begins from the hotel parking lot, so there are endless hours of enjoyment and relaxation available without needing to get in a car. Enjoy your own private sanctuary for up to a month and reconnect with what is important.



If you are interested in finding the perfect spot to sink in and stay awhile, Sunshine Sanctuary offers a perfect place to relax into the tranquility of the area. Fast and reliable WIFI make this a perfect place to work remotely. Breakfast included and a community kitchen make life simple. The balcony offers an inspiring workspace, and the pool /waterfalls /swimmable beach are great places to add into a daily routine. Montezuma is a cute, quaint village with both the adorable pueblita Cabuya and the fun and bustling town of Santa Teresa each only a 20-minute drive. 

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